Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Berries in Chocolate Bowls

Easy homemade candy ideas for valentines day
I guess this kind of falls under easy homemade candy. But I hesitate to say that because, well, it's really easy.  I recently got these classic chocolate bowl molds and have been excited to use them ever since.

Tips for using chocolate molds
Fill the molds 1/3 full with melted chocolate (I used dark chocolate). Don't over fill them or you'll have a lot of excess chocolate to shave off later, like I did. Oops. Give the mold a few taps on the counter and then press the top of the mold down onto the chocolate. Refrigerate overnight. Remove the chocolate bowls the next day.

Fill the bowls with a little jam (the jam adds sweetness as well as helps to hold the berries in place), then berries and then top with a little fresh whipped cream.
Chocolate berry bowls for valentines dayEasy to make valentine desserts
I think these would be adorable to serve after a special homemade dinner. Happy candy making! 

xoxo, Joanna

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